cuda driver version is insufficient for cuda runtime version Win10

I’ve installed CUDA toolkit 7.5 on my Win 10 Pro, 64 bit pc.
The gpu is a gtx 275 (which should have CUDA architecture, correct me if I’m wrong)
I’ve got the latest driver version 341.95
I’ve compiled deviceQuery (and other samples) on Visual Studio and it always returns “cuda driver version is insufficient for cuda runtime version”

I’ve already re-installed the gpu driver, nsight plugin and cuda toolkit but nothing works.

Do I have to download a previous CUDA toolkit version?


Best I can establish GTX 275 has compute capability 1.3, which means that it is not supported by CUDA 7.5. If I recall correctly, CUDA 6.5 was the last CUDA version which supported GPUs with compute capability < 2.0.

Note that GPUs with compute capability 1.x do not support a lot of the newer CUDA features (GTX 275 first shipped pretty exactly 7 years ago), and may even be slower than a modern CPU. You might want to consider upgrading to newer Maxwell-based hardware.

Thank you njuffa!
Yes it’s an old gpu, for the moment I just need to learn the basis of CUDA programming. I’ve already planned to upgrade the pc in the next 2-3 months with the new gpus coming.

I’m downloading the toolkit then i’ll try again.

cuda 6.5 isn’t advertised to be compatible with win10. You’re welcome to try it of course, it may work.

It works! Cuda 6.5 with visual studio 2013 express.

Now the problem is that the Nsight installation. What version do you suggest? I’ve checked that 4.1 and 4.2 should fit with visual studio 2013.
(i am installing the ultimate version as the express doesn’t support extensions)

Btw thank you very much.