Cuda enable using pytorch

Jetson Nano 4gb developer kit

  • Jetpack : 4.5.1
  • Deepstream : 5.1
  • Ubuntu : 18.04
  • Cuda Version : 10.2.89
  • TensorRt -
  • Python version - 3.10
  • pyTorch version - 2.0.1 Installed from official website using

I am unable to access GPU using pytorch

import torch





AssertionError: Torch not compiled with CUDA enabled

How can i use pytorch to use GPU in order to perform detection using yolov6 and tracking using deepsort ?


PyTorch doesn’t support the Jetson GPU officially.

Please try the prebuilt package from our website.
You will need to install a package that is built with the same JetPack version as your environment.


I follow the steps from the link and install pytroch but the output results are same as i mentioned in the post. Please help, i want to use GPU with pytorch.

@Keshav.A uninstall PyTorch first, and you can find more detailed install instructions for PyTorch on Jetson Nano in this topic:

If you still are having problems after that, I would recommend trying the l4t-pytorch container which already has PyTorch with CUDA support installed:

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