CUDA-GDB can't find symbols inside device functions (OpenACC & nvfortran)


I am having issues with using cuda-gdb to debug a Fortran program that uses OpenACC. Specifically, the problem is that I am unable to use cuda-gdb to inspect (print) any variables inside subroutines that run on device.
Specifically, I am able to advance to a breakpoint inside a device function, but once there, when I do ‘print myvar’, I always get ‘No symbol “myvar” in current context’, even if the variable was set in the previous statement.

The version of cuda-gdb I am using is 11.8, and I use nvfortran version “nvfortran 22.11-0 64-bit target on x86-64 Linux”. My understanding is that for device debugging to work I should use the “-g” flag when compiling. Indeed, I am doing this.

Currently, I am compiling with the following debug-related flags: -g -gopt -O0 -Mcuda=debug -gpu=debug"

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi! Is there any chance you can share a reproducer with us?

I don’t see any -acc or -acc=gpu flags on the compile line. The -Mcuda= flag should only be used with CUDA Fortran applications.

The -gopt flag should not be passed as this will enable optimizations. This will omit .debug_info information for symbolic variables and result in a compilation mode that is similar to -gpu=lineinfo. When you pass -g -gopt the last flag will win.

Please try to use -g -O0 -acc=gpu as your debug flags.

Hello, and thanks for your prompt response. Sorry, I did not post my full compile flags (only debug related), but I did have “-acc”.

As you suggested, I now compiled with “-g -O0 -acc=gpu”, but the problem persists.
The full compile flags are:
“-Wall -byteswapio -Mlarge_arrays -g -O0 -acc=gpu”

Can -Mlarge_arrays be the problem?

I will try to follow up with a simplified reproducer of the problem.

Hi, @santeri.karppinen

Have you solved your problem and anything else we can help ?


I was able to fix the issue I wanted to debug just by updating the NVIDIA Fortran compiler to version 23.7.
I have not tested the debugger anymore. But thanks for clarifying what are the necessary flags are.

Thanks for letting us know this !

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