cuda-gdb thread switching

My cuda-gdb version is:3.0. My question is how to change the logical coordinates. When I want to switch from my current thread <<<(0,0),(0,0,0)>>> to thread<<<(1,1),(1,1,0)>>>, succeeds in switching. But, say, if I want to switch from thread<<<(1,1),(1,1,0)>>> to thread<<<(3,3),(1,1,0)>>>, the program cannot switch to the thread thread<<<(3,3),(1,1,0)>>> although it says: “switching to <<<(3,3),(1,1,0)>>>”. I am wondering whether I missed some command in my cuda-gdb usage. For most thread switching, the cuda-gdb cannot switch to the thread we want to trace. Is there any bugs in the cuda-gdb or my usage is incorrect?

I use “thread” command to check the current thread ID.

My dimGrid(64,64), dimBlock(16,16). Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated here.

We’ve seen similar issues. It should be fixed in 3.1