cuda in c++ project cuda kernel produces no output

I’m porting cpu random generator to gpu, it is part of larger c++ project.

I have file with kernel function and simple function to invoke that kernel from c++ host code

void cudarand(float* rnd)


    int* seed=(int*)malloc(5000*sizeof(int));

    for (int i =0 ; i<5000; i++)


	seed[i]=(int)abs(10000000*rand()/ (RAND_MAX + 1.0));


    size_t size = sizeof(rnd);

    int* cuda_seed;

    float* cuda_rnd;

    cudaMalloc(&cuda_seed, sizeof(seed));

    cudaMemcpy(cuda_seed, seed, sizeof(seed), cudaMemcpyHostToDevice);

    cudaMalloc(&cuda_rnd, sizeof(rnd));

    cudarandKernel<<<1,5000>>>(cuda_seed, cuda_rnd);

    cudaMemcpy(rnd, cuda_rnd, sizeof(rnd), cudaMemcpyDeviceToHost);



In host code I include “random.h”, which also is included in file

random.h is

#ifndef RANDOM_H

#define RANDOM_H

void cudarand(float* rnd);


From host code I pass array which should be filled by my kernel, but it remains empty. I tried that same kernel in separate project with only one .cu file and it works just perfect. What may be wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Fixed. It seems cuda didn’t like sizeof(seed) :)