cuda-memcheck doesn't work when running on Autodesk Maya


cuda-memcheck does not catch any error when run on plugins using CUDA inside Autodesk Maya on linux (CentOS-7, driver 418.43, cuda-10.1, Quadro RTX 6000).

As a side note, cuda-gdb actually fails with an internal driver error as soon as cuInit is called.

I have a test plugin that I can share privately that can help show the problem.



Lol. Long time no see Aloys~
We are actually tracing a Cuda memory misalignment issue and tried many of these troubleshooting tools, memcheck, cuda-gdb, NSight. None of this help when it comes to Maya.
Did you get any troubleshooting solutions with Cuda in Maya? @aloys.baillet
Miguel Gao

A number of Maya issues were fixed in the CUDA 11 timeframe.
Note that memcheck was replaced by Compute Sanitizer (available in the CUDA Toolkit, along with cuda-gdb and Nsight Compute).