Cuda-memcheck fails to start

I’m trying to debug a device memory error on Windows, for an application running OptiX 7 code. I already used cuda-memcheck previously on linux with great success, but this time, it fails with this message:

============= CUDA-MEMCHECK
============= Internal Memcheck Error: Initialization failed
============= ERROR SUMMARY: 1 error

Following solutions I found on different forums, I tried setting and unsetting some (random) environment variables, such as COMPUTE_PROFILE, CUDA_PROFILE, and such, but nothing seems to work. I also tried using different version of cuda memcheck, but both version 10.1 and 11.0 didn’t work. Following the cuda-memcheck pdf, I also made sure no conflicting application was running in the background.

What could I do to fix this problem?
Benoit R.