Cuda-memcheck error

I am getting initialization failed when trying to do memcheck on RTX 2060. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks,


are you testing CUFFT calls?

the recommended tool for Turing GPUs is compute-sanitizer

if that doesn’t fix it, update to the latest CUDA toolkit.

If that doesn’t fix it, you’ll need to file a bug or provide a complete example of what you are doing.


Thanks for the suggestion. Any documentation on how to use the sanitizer?

I would suggest that anyone who is doing any significant work with CUDA to get familiar, at least with the location, and organization, of CUDA documentation.

The starting point is here. If you want to remember it, just remember, and from there you can navigate to the CUDA docs.

Once you click that link, you will see a list of topics on the left. These are like books in the library. Click on one of the topics on the left, to read the contents on the right. You will see the compute-sanitizer listed on the left (may have to scroll down). Click on that.

The sanitizer is working. thanks,

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