Cuda memcheck for ptx file

When I use cuda-memcheck with my application, you get this result.What does it mean?

========= Error: process didn’t terminate successfully
========= ERROR SUMMARY: 0 errors

and this with key – tool racecheck :

========= Error: process didn’t terminate successfully
========= RACECHECK SUMMARY: 0 hazards displayed (0 errors, 0 warnings)

It usually means your application process didn’t terminate successfully. For example, if your application hits a seg fault, you might see something like this if you ran cuda-memcheck on it. You should get rid of all abnormal terminations of your host code before trying to use cuda-memcheck.

You can also read the cuda-memcheck documentation:

What mean “hits a seg fault”
To run kernel i use this command:

cuLaunchGrid(CudaFunction, blocktotal, 1)

from kernel exit i use PTX command: exit or ret.uni

What exactly is wrong?

You haven’t provided enough information to diagnose your issue. A few lines of output from cuda-memcheck is not enough to say what exactly is wrong with your code.

If you don’t know what “seg fault” is, try googling “seg fault”.

cuda-memcheck here is objecting to a problem in your host code, not anything you are doing in device code.

And no, I can’t say exactly what that problem is in your host code, based on what you have provided.

This problem relates to the host code, which is associated with the kernel or is it just an exit code of the program as a whole?

Wouldn’t you be able to verify this with a trivial test?

What exit code is your host code returning upon termination?

Try making it return a 0 exit code, and see if it affects that observation.