CUDA not allowing GPU switching on MBP. Please Help. CUDA on i7 MBP won't let Nvidia 330m switch

Hello. I’m still a mac fool, so work with me here. I recently purchased an i7 MacBook Pro, which runs between a Nvidia 330m GPU and a lighter Intel, CPU based GPU, and to help out my BOINC crunching I downloaded and installed the current CUDA driver, toolset and SDK package. In my perfect world, BOINC would only run the CPU when the computer is plugged in (which I can do) and the Nvidia GPU would only run for BOINC when the computer is “idle” (which I can also do), and when the Nvidia GPU is not in use by BOINC (or any other program that launches it’s usage), the computer would switch back over to using the Intel GPU (for battery purposes).
PROBLEM IS, after installing and running the CUDA software with BOINC, I cannot stop the usage of the Nvidia GPU. Turn off GPU usage, “snooze” GPU or BOINC alltogether, quit BOINC, ect… the Nvidia GPU continues to be used and limits my computer to less than 3 hours on a full battery (even when nothing is actually open or running).
So you beautiful mac users, how can I fix this problem. If possible, enable my computer to switch GPUs as it had before, but simply running the Nvidia GPU also when BOINC is allowed to use the GPU (when idle).
I thank you ahead of time.
PS- I’m not computer illiterate, but am new to the OS X way of life, so if anything gets technical make sure to explain what is actually going on… my bad

ALSO, if anyone can help me figure out how to run the “deviceQuery” command. I honestly have no idea how to do that. Tried terminal --> failed.