Does someone know whether the new CMP cards (re: A Crypto Mining GPU for Professionals | NVIDIA and GeForce Is Made for Gaming, CMP Is Made to Mine | The Official NVIDIA Blog ) will be able to handle CUDA? I’m thinking of using them for folding@home.

You shouldn’t buy a mining card for (exclusively) folding@home, actually donating that money could be more worthwhile as the compute time made from donating for server time would be far more efficient instead of buying a card for only folding. The key point of folding is to take up IDLE time from gaming cards that wouldn’t be used otherwise.

I’m only entering this thread to see if cuda/cudnn extensions will be available for a possible inference card or a cheap a100 equivalent (if the rumor is true) when miners eventually sell off cards that are practically scrap metal (other than in cheap workstation compute tasks). These things aren’t going to have 50gb of hbm2 memory but a fast card that I can run cloud-trained networks locally for long periods of time or have tensor cores for accelerated onnx networks seems really ideal.