Will it Fold?

Hi all,

I may have been given incorrect info somewhere else.
I ordered an EVGA e-GeForce 7950 GX2 1GB PCI-e VIdeo Card today.
I was told it would fold with the current CUDA Drivers.
Now, I am told it will not and I just spend money for nothing.
Any thoughts as to if it will fold or not?

Take care, and thank you in advance for any input.

PS: Be gentle with me, I am new. :whistling:

The GeForce 7 series does not support CUDA. So even if Folding@Home (I assume that’s what you are talking about) supports CUDA, it won’t be accelerated with your card.

You need a GeForce 8 or later card for CUDA.

Hi seibert,

Thank you for the response.

Take care…