cuda on xp + matlab 2007b bat file ! how to make s functions run using a given bat file


i am trying to find solution for a long tieme now using attached .bat file to run nvmex command and get a s-funtion running…

there is a kernel32.lib error but i am unable to find exact location where to set sdk directories …i mean if some one could see the bat file and let me know where to make change it will be great help…!!

i am using NVS 3100M xp 32 bit sp3 , and matlab 2007b …

i have attached my workign folder zip here which has nvmexopts.bat

thanks and regards!

kailas (33 KB)

kernel32.lib comes from the Windows SDK, which VS2008 installs, and the path to that should be available to the linker automatically. Else modify the LIB environment variable to include this path.

You can also try Jacket SDK for compiling custom CUDA code for Matlab.

thanks for answer!

when i tried using lib path changes now there is an error which says "The command “mt” is either misspelled or

could not be found."

and i really dont have any idea what does this means… maybe misplaced dll ??