CUDA Profiler


I am asking about what does it mean the CPUTime in the Cuda profiler Log?, In fact my problem is that I have two different kernels that use the same data size, the GPU Times are different while that the CPU ones are not.

method=[ kernel_cnt_P1 ] gputime=[ 56054.879 ] cputime=[ 56103.000 ] occupancy=[ 0.583 ]

method=[ kernel_cnt_P2 ] gputime=[ 44060.863 ] cputime=[ 44110.000 ] occupancy=[ 0.542 ]

Can you explain me, please.


good question.
I would also like to know what are these gputime, cputime and occupancy.

ok, I got whats occupancy…
but still… gputime and cputime?

gputime is the time spent in the function on the gpu.
cputime is the time spent in the function plus the overhead to call it.