Visual Profiler v0.2 questions

CPU time – is that CPU overhead for calling kerners? or that shows what it would take CPU to perform the same kernel?

I am running “reduction” from the profiler’s “projects” folder.
kernel6 on my Albatron 8600GT gives such row in the profiler output:

(line 4)
TimeStamp Method GPU Time CPU Time Occupancy
68103.3 reduce6_sm10 85.12 99.483 1

Why CPU time is greater than GPU Time, what does it mean?
What are the units? Milliseconds?

The next line shows
(line 5)
68310.2 reduce5_sm10 2.432 33.969 0.333

Occupancy is lower than in previous line, why? All the next columns in the line 5 are zeros…, including instructions, why? what does it mean?

I’m not sure but I thought the CPU time was the GPU time + CPU time?

I thought I read that somewhere