CUDA toolkit installer

Could be possible to add a /silent option to the CUDA toolkit install, please? In that way I could install it better in my application deployment installer…
Or even better… could you include the CUDA runtime always with the ForceWare drivers, please?


There seem no way set this install silent, I hope there can have one pre_install config to install this.

Any news on the silent install option in the CUDA 1.1 toolkit pls?

I’m wondering why you would want to deploy the toolkit with your application. Does your application include development capabilities that require the toolkit?

Well, it only uses basic CUDA functionality… does not include cuBLAS neither FFT, etc… but my program requires cudart.dll ( I’ve seen it with the Dependency Walker ) which, apparently, is not included in the ForceWare drivers so… I think I need to install the cuda toolkit.

On the other hand I could copy the cudart.dll into my app’s folder… but the license is clear… separation of components is not allowed.

I’m not 100% sure about this but I think I read somewhere that it’s ok to redistribute cudart.dll without the toolkit.

Edit: the search funtion is your friend!

from :

Ouch, you’re right… and I was the topic starter hahaha… me and my memory!

I still think they should add all the Toolkit’s DLLs to the Forceware drivers.

If you’re using Driver API then you don’t need to redistribute anything because nvcuda.dll is included with latest ForceWare. As there’s no problem with redistributing cudart.dll I don’t see why NVIDIA should include it in driver.