CUDA Wiki? Could certainly do with one

Hi all,

Any ideas where’s a good place to start a CUDA wiki? Just been recommended

I can spend a few hours putting it together if you like, starting with the bandwidth test results I received from both kristleifur and MisterAnderson42 as a comparison.

Also, what items do people think we need to cover in this wiki, i.e. the main topics?

Do we want a section to allow source code samples to be placed, of different kernels? E.g. the excellent SGEMM implementation?

Let me know what you guys/girls think.

I certainly do like the idea of a wiki

A section for source code samples is very helpfull i think, because this forum is not the best space to place them. We could learn form each others experience and lay down the (dis)advantages of each kernel.

In that case i’ll spare a few hours this weekend to set it up. In the meantime if anyone wants anything posted on there, make a post here with the details and I’ll put it on at the same time.

I’m not familiar with pbwiki (partial to mediawiki myself), but two features are very handy to have:

  • The ability to edit sections of a long article separately. Editing on the web in a text box sucks less if you don’t have to scroll through the entire article to get to the section you are changing.

  • The ability to export the article database. This is the abort option which ensures that a failing/flakey web server doesn’t take out everyone’s hard work.

A good place must be free.

Yes, I like the idea to. Is it possible to host such a wiki at ?