A new GPGPU / Shader Programming wiki

I just threw up this website today, it’s very rudimentary and needs a lot of help and contribution.

Personally I only have AMD hardware, and therefor have very little knowledge of CUDA. That’s where I need this community’s help.

No real wiki’s are around that can conglomerate all of our knowledge on GPU programming and GPU hardware. That’s why I’ve taken the opportunity to donate such a site to the community.

But I don’t have too much time myself and the site is young. I ask for your help in converting documentation into articles on the wiki. Please of course include any citation necessary of course!

I’m sure many of you are probably pretty interested in the up and coming OpenCL, and I would like to focus a lot of time and effort towards providing information for that as it becomes more readily available.

At any rate, your help would be much appreciated, head on over to the wiki.

that was a nice move :)

Thanks :). I just don’t have much time anymore… I’m hoping some of the nvidia folk can head it out for me… I’d be glad to help in any ways needed, but my time is limited during the holiday season.

I personally have an amd system this time around, and I’m having great fun with all these great ways to improve complicated procedurally generated content, but that’s what my knowledge at the moment is limited to. And only at quite a high level. I’m hoping to get some input from some of the professionals in these gpu companies even if it’s just some minor edits or clarifications.

The only thing that I’ll be able to get around to for now will probably be searching and linking in some good tutorials for all the APIs.