Any good book on GPU/CUDA programming you can recommend?
I’m looking for a book about general purpose CUDA/GPU and not graphics.

Also, anyone knows about a good course for GPU in europe? (or is it too early :) )


I think the only book on CUDA that exists is the Programming Guide. It’s not bad at all and is only 100 pages (instead of 1000 for a typical commercial book… damn those authors who get paid by the page).

There’s definately courses out there, but I don’t bother with those things. (Hey, if you wanna pay me a couple grand, i’ll teach you eveerything and check your homework ;-))

P.S. I think books on GPGPU programming exist, but they’re only tangentially relevant to the specific CUDA programming model.

GPU Gems 3 has some CUDA chapters.
On the CUDA zone you can find links to lectures (including mp3’s of what was told)

Except for GPU GEMS 3, I am not aware of any book. But, as E.D. Riedijk pointed out, there’s a wealth of information around on CUDAzone (slides, lecture notes, case studies, tutorials), and in addition, a good share of conference tutorial slides are available on

If your question is rather “what to read first”, then the answer depends on your programming experience. Skim though the links above and try to get a broad overview. alex dubinski is right, at some point, you have to read the progguide.

Thanks a lot for the information :)
I read the programming guide and ran the samples… there are still some things
that are missing for me. I hope as time goes by I’ll be able to catch up.

Just for information, how long are u guys into HPC/CUDA/GPU stuff? are most of the people here are programmers or scientists working with CUDA?


me I started a little less than a year ago I believe. I am mainly converting matlab algorithms to do the calculation on GPU. Not a real C guru, but that is not such a problem normally with CUDA. The trouble is you have to start to think ‘parallel’. Once you know how to solve your challenge, it is usually not that much trouble anymore.

I started CUDA the day 0.8 was release to the public in March 2007. I’ve been into HPC a little longer though.

Wen-mei Hwu is writing a CUDA book. I was certain that he mentioned that some sample chapters were online at NVISION, but I can’t seem to find them.

you can also check cuda, supercomuting for the masses, URL:

it has 6 0r 7 parts and helped me alot when i started…

I ran into Wen-mei Hwu at NVISION2008 and he mentioned he had finished the first four chapters of the book. He’s a very nice person, i bet you’ll get a pdf of the material if you shoot him an email.


I encountered, accidentally, drafts of first 6 chapters of the book here:…1/cuda-textbook

Seems like exactly the same stuff as on videos of Prof. Hwu UIUC excellent course (in my case - watching these videos was what really boosted my CUDA knowledge, reading programming manual before was not that helpful), still I guess these may be valuable…