CUDA literature? any literature available for CUDA coding

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I was wondering if there is any literature about programming with CUDA? So far my searches have come up empty. One would think that after more than one year of availability of the CUDA API there would be some books published about it.

Or alternatively can anyone recommend some good introductory books to the topic parallel computing and designing/modifying algorithms for it?

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That’s a very popular book on data-parallel programming and scan that’s been out of print for a decade or more. I’ve been looking for a used copy for a long time, but apparently it’s just available on his website.

I know Dr. Blelloch recently taught a course on parallel algorithms, so you might find some of the course materials helpful.

If you’re just trying to learn CUDA, the UIUC podcasts are a great place to start and are my standard recommendation for anyone. If you’re looking for more case study types of articles, GPU Gems 3 has quite a few.

I am not very interested in the GPU Gems book series because every issue spends only a few chapters on CUDA. But your other pointers sound interesting, thank you.

Could you give a link? I can’t find them.

blessed are those who master Google ;-) Well, in fact it was just pure luck I found it.

there’s more interesting stuff here:

I found some nice stuff at by searching for NVIDIA CUDA. There’s not many books out that I’ve seen, but there are good and useful papers out there.

“University of Illinois CUDAcasts (Available for download using iTunes,QuickTime, and VLC)”


Link seems to have moved onto this page