Any books/materials recommended after finishing a CUDA by Example?

I feel it lacks too much modern CUDA stuff such as thrust and some functions

this is the problem with most CUDA books. The API is changed & extended with every release, often in a 1-2 year cycle. So whatever you learn is only a snapshot.

CUDA by example is from 2010. So whatever book you pick - best to choose one published after 2020.

I checked this list and it seems none of them are published after 2020
CUDA Books archive | NVIDIA Developer

I have no recomendations, but using the search function on Amazon, under “Books”, for “Cuda”, brings up quite a number, including 2024 titles.

I found a book called Programming in Parallel with CUDA a Practical Guide. This seems to be a good book for me from the table of contents, I wonder if anyone has read it before.
I found some new books are about Python and CUDA but I’m working with C++ so I’d exclude those.
Another book drawing my attention is GPU Parallel Program Development Using CUDA but it may not be as good as the above one for me since it doesn’t have too much contents for Thrust and some functions I’m interested in.
Except the above, I didn’t find too much interesting information.