CUDA on AMD Radeon?

Hello everyone!
I’m a new user for CUDA~
Recently I want to use CUDA to accelerate my code.
But my notebook is Sony VAIO, the graphic card is AMD Radeon HD640M
Can the CUDA be compatible on my non-NVIDIA graphic card?
Or I should find other GPU method to accelerate my code?
Thanks a lot!

CUDA only runs on NVIDIA cards. If you are interested in GPU programming on AMD cards (and NVIDIA, as well as CPUs), you should take a look at OpenCL. It has fewer features than CUDA, but is very cross-platform.

Nvidia does not restrict the technology to AMD. It’s up to AMD to implement CUDA compatibility for their cards. At the moment, AMD has no plans to do so.

For completeness, there is also Ocelot, which does implement CUDA for NVIDIA, ATI, and x86 backends. Ocelot is really impressive, but not for the new CUDA user:

OpenCL and CUDA share many of the same concepts (although with different names), so once you learn one language, switching is not particularly difficult.

My vaio laptop has intel hd3000 and geforce 760m. Can i use it for cuda programming?

You should be able to.

Wait, doesn’t AMD have their own GPGPU programming language? God, what was it called…

If it has Optimus (pretty std these days), it should be able to devote the 760 to CUDA while the Intel handles the display. I do that all the time on my Dell 15z.


I have a similar problem.

Looks like I have to go out buy some hardware I guess. I didn’t realize it prior
and I was so excited to start my CUDA learning process. – Ok.

CUDA (not gaming) per se would be the reason to go out and purchase a new PC.
and It’s ironic. I guess.

Have a look at HIP.

HIP requires a server Linux OS and pretty new AMD card, only partially compatible with outdated CUDA version, doesn’t provide binary compatibility with compiled CUDA libraries, and may have different perfromance bottlenecks. Unfortunately, it’s no more than semi-automatic translation of CUDA idioms into OpenCL/AMD language