Suggestions on ATI/NVIDIA development environment Looking to get some feedback on best development e

I recently acquired a system with a NVIDIA GeForce 8000 GTX and I will also be putting in an ATI Radeon HD 5770 in there too. I want to develop cross platform compatible code and be able to test on both the NVIDIA and ATI card, and if its possible, utilize both devices simultaneously (which if I remember correctly, can’t be done yet). ATI Stream is compatible on openSUSE, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise and Windows XP/Vista/7. I don’t mind using linux or windows, but I would like the best performance during test. Any suggestions and/or problems you ran into achieving something similar?

I believe it can be done now, with 197.13 drivers (older won’t work) and AMD’s 2.0.1 SDK. AMD’s CLInfo shows both platforms simultaneously on my machine (8800 + AMD’s implementation for CPU)

Hey, if thats the case, awesome. What OS are you running, and which drivers (ati/nvidia)?

Windows 7 x64, Forceware 197.13 and AMD’s OpenCL implementation that installs with their SDK 2.0.1. I have an Intel CPU but it works fine.