Multi vendor OpenCL libraries Need to list all the platforms in the system

Hi there,

I am trying to use my CPU and NVIDIA GPU on an OpenCL application. I have NVIDIA SDK 3.1.1 (256.35) and AMD SDK 2.0.0, but I cannot see both platforms, I can see either the NVIDIA or ATI platform depending on the library used to compile the program.

for ATI lib I compile using: g++ -I/usr/local/ati/include -L/usr/local/ati/lib/x86_64 info.cpp -lOpenCL
for NVIDIA lib I compile using: g++ -I/usr/local/ati/include -L/usr/lib64 info.cpp -lOpenCL

Is this because I need to upgrade to AMD SDK 2.0.1 ? or am I missing some configuration ? Any help will be appreciated…



I don’t know what kind of application you are running, but I tried the smallluxgpu application and it ran without any problems on nvidia and ati cards on windows. you can download it from…mallluxGPU.html

I think information related to the linux files, how to compile them and which sdk is used was also included in the distribution.

but I did not go deep into the code to see how this is accomplished, not yet.

but I hope you can get an idea how it is done there.

Try a newer AMD SDK, I believe they figured out the ICD model at 2.0.1. The newest is, AFAIR, 2.1.