MacBookPro 2011 15'' Cuda installation?

Dear Gents:
I am new the the field of running software on GPUs and would like to maximize the computational power of my new Macbook pro.
Programs I would like to run are lammps and namd (molecular dynamics code) which come precompiled as cuda versions.
Of course, in order to run these programs I would need to install cuda drivers etc.
However, I checked the nvidia graphics card requirements and my cards are not included; here is the info:
AMD Radeon HD 6490M 256MB
Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB
Before I am engaging in some efforts to try and install cuda I am wondering if I could get your opinion how fruitful this might be.
Do you know whether nvidia covers these cards inofficially?
Any comments are very much appreciated.

No, you need an Nvidia card for CUDA.

Check whether there are OpenCL versions of your software available. OpenCL is supported on both Nvidia and AMD hardware (and was created by Apple for exactly this reason).