CUDA requirements are not clear

Hi all,

I have looked around quite a bit, and haven’t found clear requirements for CUDA on the Mac, apart maybe for supported graphics cards.

CUDA 2.2 requires MacOS 10.5.4. Fine, my machine runs 10.5.7. I have a Quadro FX 4500… well, not really listed. But, hang on, nVidia does not seem to mention anywhere that Intel processors are a requirement. The nVidia installers did let me install everything.

Of course, after reboot, the kext will not load on my Quad G5. Of course, compiling the SDK will not work as soon as it tries to use Intel binaries. But… this was’t mentionned.

What would prevent a PPC64 release of CUDA ?

I’m a developper, I may (pretty busy…) help.

It isn’t listed because the Quadro FX 4500 is a older G70 derived part and doesn’t support CUDA.

Yep, ok, correct. But they do not really state “G80 minimum”. Anyway. The installer should prevent from installing on unsupported hardware.

You need an Intel based Mac.