FX400 (Mac)

I have only just noticed an FX4800 Mac version on the US site, with 192 cores and 1.5G RAM. Anybody got one up and running? Is it CC 1.3? How much is it? How many supplementary Power connectors does it need - are they 6 or 8 pin? Seems to want 10.5.7 OS X as well. Sorry if this posted elsewhere but I could not find much so far.

Yes, it is a CC1.3 device.
More info on price and availability from the press release http://finance.yahoo.com/news/NVIDIA-Bring…70469.html?.v=1

Thanks mfatica. cc1.3 is fantastic news for all of us forced to used Bootcamp on a Mac Pro to do sci comp. But the PRICE!!! Is there going to be a sensibly-priced follow up with a Mac 200 series family, now you have EFI64 etc sorted out?

After fuming over the price of the Quadro, I will appeal again to NVIDIA here to do a GTX 200 card for the Mac. If the necessary ROM and kext work has been done to get a Quadro up and running surely it is not too much to ask to get a 285 made for the Mac Pro. It has the necessary power connectors.

You know what will happen if you do not - there will be a frenzy of activity downloading the Quadro ROM and trying to edit, copy and paste it to upload to a cheaper card. Look what happened in 2008 - I can find several different versions of the Mac 8800GT ROM on the web, and detailed instructions as to which PC 8800 cards it can be flashed to, together with fine details about which ROM chip to try to get hold of.

Here’s my wish list

285, running about 1.5GHz
One DVI and One HDMI built in
OS X and Bootcamp XP and Vista 32 and 64
Price < 400GBP (That’s 75GBP over the Palit PC card of same spec)

This way you will open up CUDA and OpenCL to all the MacPro 08/09 users, not just the video professioals. It may not be a massive market, but my guess is you have now done all IT for it.