What is needed to start with CUDA on Mac OS 10.2

want ot start with Mac Pro and Nvidia 8800 GT;
a C-ompiler is needed - what do i need to install?
Do i need to install the complete XCODE 3.0?
or are there any command line tools to install?

Want to say here thank you NVidia for supporting Mac OS X !!

Karl R.

PS.: i know that the CUDE SDK is needed but what are the minimum requirements (dev tools ) for OS X 10.5.2 and how to install them.

You will need to install Xcode 3.0 (to get gcc) and the CUDA toolkit (to get nvcc, the CUDA compiler). The SDK contains a lot of examples.

thanks mfatica for (Ultra)fast reply,

i know how to get Xcode 3.0

and will come backe once installed all that stuff