Old Mac - Cuda Driver/Toolkits - Which one - Can You help?

Hi there,

Wondering if someone can help, unfortunately there is no system here that says given your os/gpu this is what you need to start with Cuda. ie get this Driver / Toolkit version.

I have a old mac 17" macbook pro with a GT330m, I’m running both 10.8.5 and 10.13.6 (Mountain Lion & High Sierra)

What version of the cuda driver do I need to use (eg latest driver 4.18.163 says no card supported?) and what version of the toolkit is the right one for the respective driver.

Again it lists them all (toolkits) on the page but there no indication what OS/Driver is needed for each version. And the mac is not as happy as windows with multiple install/removes.

Thank you for any help you can give.

PS: I know this card is not the best by far, but it will give me an intro into simple cuda programming, and execute simple programs, which for now, during this lockdown, is all I need to get started.

Keep well, and thanks again.