Cuda Toolkit for GT330M on OSX 10.11

Hi all,

I’ve seen some topics asking how to be able to program Cuda applications using the mentioned GPU on mac but it seems there is a lot of confusion. It seems to be an old unresolved topic.

In short: Which is the officially supported CUDA development toolkit for the GT330M on OSX?

Many thanks.

The necessary configuration would be covered in the Mac getting started document (CUDA_Getting_Started_Mac.pdf) for the last toolkit version which support cc1.x GPUs:

(GT 330M is a cc1.2 GPU)

which was CUDA 6.5:

Refer to table 1 for the support matrix.

Note that there are dependencies on toolchain, Xcode versions, and OS, so this is by no means a statement that there is any supported configuration for GT330M that also works with OSX 10.11. You’re welcome to try anything you wish. YMMV