newbee woes on osx10.6 newbee having trouble getting going on macbook pro

Hi, I am trying to use a macbook pro (intel) as a training platform for my initial GPU work. I have muddled through trouble with compiling the download, and deviceQuery failes when I try to run it. I am now guessing that the cuda toolkit does not work concurrently with using the GeForce 9400M as my primary display controller. Anybody made this work ?

Yes, works without problems here (although I’m on 10.6.5, not yet on 10.6.6). Have you downloaded and installed the driver as well?

You need to install the developer driver package available on the CUDA 3.2 download page. That gives the cuda driver library which is required to run anything. Doing that works for me on a late 2010 Macbook Air (so GeForce 320M) running 10.6.5.

I read in a different thread that 3.2 did not work properly, so I stripped out 3.2, and loaded 3.1, loaded it and PRESTO, I’m up. Thanks for the replies.

Also for those that care, 3.1 compiled all the examples without an Error. 3.2 failed on 4 or 5 different projects… so I moved them out of the way.