I cannot update CUDA, i will install GPT-3 to my machine, urgent help here

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It says no GPU detected. Cuda Driver Version: 418.105 . And i cannot install CUDA update. Help needed urgently…

Please specify the GPU installed in this system. What CUDA version are you trying to install? Is this a Linux or a Windows System?

I do not know my cuda version, I want to install the compatible one to my macpro catalina 10.15. Thank you for your reply.

As far as I am aware, CUDA support for Mac stopped a while ago. I do not know the details. You may want to search these forums for information regarding the last supported MAC OS version.

Yes i need the last supported CUDA Nvidia Driver Support for my macpro that inside the mail i attached file is my macpro properties also, i need the GPT-3 in my system, so please relate me to a person who knows how to aid to this situation…

njuffa via NVIDIA Developer Forums <nvidia@discoursemail.com>, 16 Oca 2022 Paz, 02:12 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

I am just a random forum participant. I do not use Macs; never have, never will. I do not know what GPT-3 is.

I poked around the internet a bit and it seems that CUDA 10.2 was the last version which supported MacOS, and that the last supported OS version was most likely 10.13, possibly 10.14. So it would appear the OS version you are using, 10.15, is not supported.

As I said, this is outside my area of expertise, and my conclusions from searching the internet may well be incorrect. It is the weekend now, so I expect traffic on this site to be low, and it may be a while before a forum user with Mac experience comes across your post (for which this sub-forum is not the best fit).

Thank u, have a nice day air sir…

As far as I understand, GPT-3 is closed source. You can access it via API. To access the API you would not need a local CUDA installation.

The model is so big that it probably wouldn’t even run on a single consumer GPU (125M parameters for the smallest model variant, 175B parameters for the largest).

You don’t have a NVIDIA CUDA GPU in your macpro. You cannot use CUDA on that system. This forum is not the place to ask for help with your macpro.