No GPU Detected - CUDA Driver Version: 387.99 on High Sierra 10.13.2

I know I’m not the only person with this issue. How is this being fixed? I am on a MacBook Pro with the Intel HD Graphics 630.

Is there a NVIDIA GPU in that MacBook Pro?

Txbob. No there is not.

Then you can’t use CUDA, nor will you be able to successfully install a NVIDIA driver.

Your screenshot is completely expected and there is nothing to be fixed.

The screen shot is telling you that there is no (NVIDIA) GPU detected. The NVIDIA GPU is required to properly install the driver, and/or use CUDA.

Do you know how I can get that dialog box to stop appearing every time my computer starts?

I’m not a mac expert, but when I did a google search on:

macbook pro remove nvidia driver

it turned up a number of hits that looked promising

If you have actually attempted to install the CUDA toolkit on that machine, then there are uninstall instructions here:

[url]CUDA Toolkit Documentation

Those instructions would be for the most recent CUDA 9.1 toolkit, but they should be similar for recent toolkits.

Thank you. I’ve done that. Uninstalling the CUDA Driver Version: 387.99, is proving to be a lot stickier. Looking at the and scratching my head.