How to find the right Coda driver?


i´ve an iMac late 2009 with an Nvidia Geforce 9400 256MB, installed OS is High Sierra.
Either it says my GPU is not supported or when I try to install an older version, it says the OS is not supported.

Any advices? Or any other driver I can install?

Thank you in advance

That GPU isn’t supported by any recent NVIDIA driver version. And it would require a recent NVIDIA driver to have High Sierra support.

Thanks for your Answer. Honestly im very bad in English and also a tech noob, that means I can’t install cuda with this setting right now, right?
If im, what other drivers I could use?

I don’t think there are any that will work.

If I were trying to make this work on this machine, I would revert the Mac OS to something that was current in the ~2014 timeframe, and then work from there. You won’t be able to get that GPU working under High Sierra.

If that is not possible or not an option, then I have no further suggestions to offer.