Cuda suddenly unavailable

Hi out there,

booting my system yesterday Davinci and Adobe software were unable do detect a Cuda driver / Cuda support. Downgrading to the previous Cuda driver solved the problem for yesterday.
But after rebooting today the same issue accrued.

Please help. Can not work without Cuda support :(

Mac Pro
GTX 680 4Gb
Mac OS 10.9.5
Nvidia Driver 334.01.03f09
Cuda Driver 7.5.25 / 7.5.26

Nobody any idea what I could try?

I’m not that familiar with the Mac envinronment. But I don’t think the 334 driver is compatible with CUDA 7.5 CUDA 7.5 normally requires a 352.xx driver.

I would start by trying to install the latest Mac GPU driver.

334 is the up to date version for my system. There is no newer driver abailable according to Nvidia website …

I don’t believe CUDA 7.5 is supported for your particular Mac configuration. You should read the driver download page carefully, and note what it says about the CUDA driver version 6.0.51:

Hmm, I do not understand fully.
I was always keeping my system up to date with the latest drivers.
No issues so far.
That means CUDA 7 was running fine until some days ago.

No I should go back quite a lot of steps to 6.0.51?

Also Support told me that 334.01.03f09 not 08 would be the appropriate Version for my system.
I just tried to downgrade to 08 but the installer tells me:

“Mac OS X version 10.9.5 (13F1712) is not supported with this package. Please see NVIDIA’s website for further driver information.”

Strange, I thought that was build for 10.9.5 according to the download website.

Please help me through this jungle of confusing information.

Does anybody know how to safely uninstall CUDA drivers? (to reinstall from scratch)
Invidia Support told me they can not tell and that I would have to contact Apple Support to find out how to uninstall CUDA drivers.
Are they serious? They do not know how to deal with there own drivers?

All right. I took the risk and manually deleted a list of files out of a forum to get rid of CUDA and uninstalled die Nvidia driver as well.

Still impossible to to install 334.01.03f08.
I reinstalled 334.01.03f09 wich works out.

Now I tried to install 6.0.51 CUDA driver, but this failed as well.
Installer told I should contact the manufacturer …

So I went only two steps back to cudadriver-7.5.22.
This version I can install, but my problem does not change:

CUDA not available to neither Adobe nor Black Magic software :(

Any suggestions?

No body any idea? I do not get feedback form Nvidia Support :(

It´s realy bad.
I contacted Nvidia Support 9 Days ago and the only respond I got is “we are looking into it”.
Worst support I ever had. If they do not do any support they should say so, and not pretend to!
Looking for ATI Grafics next time!