CUDA with MPI on Eclipse

First of all, I know this is not exactly the right forum for this topic, but the proper one has been stale for too long. Searching this “developing MPI with cuda on eclipse” on google gives as top result (for me) the following in these forums, which I had already tried to get answers from (the last post in that topic) to no avail.

The Nsight eclipse edition allows CUDA programming in the nice Eclipse environment, but there no indication whatsoever that MPI and CUDA programming is possible or not. It would be really nice if it were possible.

There are multiple MPI projects that make use of CUDA, is every single one of them built using makefile?

If it is possible to write MPI and CUDA code in eclipse can anyone point to how? In my understanding, eclipse has to somehow generate the makefile with the proper compilers for MPI and CUDA. So is it doable?

If not then that would also be a help, I would at least abandon the idea.

Thanks, and sorry again for the topic in the wrong forum

As you’ve mentioned, Nsight Eclipse Edition does not support MPI. You can still create a makefile project and manually author the makefile to build your MPI application.

Another thing you could try is isolating all your CUDA code in a separate library and then linking the MPI application against that library.

Hello eugeneo,

What do you mean “create a makefile project and manually author the makefile to build your MPI application.”

I see that there is the option of creating a makefile project, I will look up the provided documentation and see how I can use it.