cudaError 10 ("invalid device ordinal") what does it mean

…got another question:

A piece of code that runs fine on a G80 crashes randomly but reproducibly on the T10P. Not immediately but after a number of iterations or if I run the executable repeatedly. The “post-crash” behavior also varies from just a hanging process immune to SIGKILL with 100% cpu utilization to a complete system freeze. Always without any error in the various logs. At least one time I got a cudaError 10 (“invalid device ordinal”) from one kernel just before crashing, however I think I don’t understand what that error means. Does anybody have a helpful hint?

As for my other question, I’m using driver 177.10, tk release 2.0.1640.

thanks, Alex.

Hi Alex,

Can you file a bug on this issue via the registered developer site?

If you have an app to attach to the bug report that will allow the CUDA team to reproduce the bug, that would really help.