Invalid Device Ordinal

We bought a S1070 with 4 C1060s and at first everything was fine.

But then the disks on the server went and some of them were replaced.

The OS was then reinstalled.

But now we can only see two of the four C1060s.

When we run the deviceQuery project in the SDK we can see
device 0 = C1060
device 1 = GS8400
device 2 = C1060

When I run code on each of the devices, all is ok for these 3 devices, but when I set device = 3 or 4 and get device properties we get back that = “DUe” and when I first allocate memory on the device = 3 or 4 the error message “Invalid Device Ordinal” is returned.

What’s happened to devices 3 and 4?

How can they be retrieved?

so it’s an S1070 with two HICs? most likely one of the cables isn’t in all the way, they are pretty tricky and require a fair amount of force.

IT staff have been looking into the problem and believe that one of the cables could be faulty.