cudaError documentation?

I’ve been looking throught the programming guide and around the forums, and I haven’t found any sort of list that goes through the where and why of cudaErrors. Is there such a list, official or unofficial?

Specifically, I am wondering about “unspecified launch failures.” I’m guessing it’s a bit of a catch-all error, but I understand that it tends to indicate certain common problems (e.g. getting caught by the Windows watchdog or trying to read/write outside of the allocated memory). Are there any other common (or not so common) mistakes known to fall under this blanket error?



AFAIK the watchdog will give you a timeout error. The only thing I have seen causing “unspecified launch failures” have been segmentation faults in the kernel.

Whoops. Yes, you’re right. Actually, I’ve had a very interesting problem with my code where I was getting an unspecified launch failure without apparently causing a segmentation fault. On closer inspection, I found that my pointers are getting garbled, which explains that (and is easily fixed). However, that isn’t the real problem, it seems; I might post more about it in a different place, as it doesn’t seem to be related.

I’m still interested in a compendium of errors, though, if anyone has it.