cudaGetDeviceProperties() - clockRate: Core Clock or Shader Clock?


The [font=“Courier New”]cudaGetDeviceProperties()[/font] function returns a bunch of properties, one of which is [font=“Courier New”]clockRate[/font]. For my broken GeForce GTX 580, the value is 1.54GHz. I was looking for a suitable replacement card, but was confused about ‘core clock’ and ‘shader clock’. The former seems to be in the 700-800MHz range for most cards, and the latter seems to be around 1.5GHz. So, just to confirm if my inference is correct (or that my PC has some high-end card that does have a core clock of 1.54GHz), does the [font=“Courier New”]clockRate[/font] property show the shader clock rate and not the core clock rate?

Thank you!

It is the shader clock. You can safely ignore the core clock whenever estimating CUDA device performance.