cuDNN5 won't initialize with cudnnCreate

Just d/l installed SDK 7.5 & cuDNN5 & driver v3.68.22 with GeForce 960M on Visual Studio 2012 & Windows 7 HP.

I have an MFC app which links to a DLL compiled Caffe implementation.

I have put this code as the first lines when clicking a button in the ActiveX control in the MGC application:

cudnnHandle_t handle_;
cudnnStatus_t stat = cudnnCreate(&handle_);


I’ve been able to run custom CUDA kernels on this machine with the same application and other Caffe code is executed, but I cannot figure out why cuDNN will not initialize.

What else is needed to initialize cuDNN?

Ok, cockpit error.

I was initially testing the Caffe code call to init the cuDNN, but moved the init call code to the application to save time. Then I found that the Nvidia driver was hosed and rebooted the system.

The application is only indirectly linked to the cuDNN library through the DLL and that does not work. It does initialize from the DLL which is directly linked to the cuDNN lib.

I have similar problem: CUDNN_STATUS_NOT_INITIALIZED.

I am using managed Cuda and downloaded managed cuDNN trought nuget…
Thus I am able successfully run custom CUDA cernels… but not cuDNN.

What is workaround for this problem?