cufft problem FFT

Hi. I am studying CUDA
I want to execute this code…
but This message was founded …

cufftHandle plan;
cufftPlan1d( &plan, FFT_SIZE, CUFFT_C2C, BATCH );

cufftExecC2C( plan, ( cufftComplex * )_sample, ( cufftComplex * )_sample, CUFFT_FORWARD );

cufftDestroy( plan );

cufft: ERROR: D:/Bld/rel/gpgpu/toolkit/r2.0/cufft/src/, line 1038
cufft: ERROR: D:/Bld/rel/gpgpu/toolkit/r2.0/cufft/src/, line 119

What’s the matter. this code
Please help me

I have the EXACT same problem with my own code using cufft. Except in my case, it runs happily for a while and then this error appears.

I’m using CUDA 2.0

It seems that the problem is somewhere else. What about those _smaple arrays? Are they allocated properly?

this error occurs when the kernel before the FFT call has an error or if there’s something wrong in the memory allocation of the data used in the FFT call