cuModuleLoadData returned error 209: No binary for GPU

I’ve installed 15.7 version of the pgi compiler in Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (64 bit)
My NVIDIA card is GTX 275, so it can support at most CUDA 6.5 with 340.76 drivers.
So, I’ve downloaded and installed CUDA 6.5.14 which provides 340.29 drivers.
During installation I chose to install CUDA 7.0 which is integrated with PGI.
Then, in order the compiler can access the CUDA 6.5 binaries I linked (via ln command) the CUDA 6.5 installation with /opt/pgi/linux86-64/2015/cuda/6.5

I can compile e.g. pgcc -fast -Minfo -acc -o acc_c1.out acc_c1.c with no errors
but when I try to run it e.g. ./acc_c1.out I get the following error:
call to cuModuleLoadData returned error 209: No binary for GPU

Is there any way to install this version (15.7) with my current hardware configuration?
Is there any other (older) version to fit my NVIDIA card (as well as CUDA and driver version)?

The result of pgaccelinfo command is:

CUDA Driver Version:           6050
NVRM version:                  NVIDIA UNIX x86_64 Kernel Module  340.29  Thu Jul 31 20:23:19 PDT 2014

Device Number:                 0
Device Name:                   GeForce GTX 275
Device Revision Number:        1.3
Global Memory Size:            939196416
Number of Multiprocessors:     30
Number of Cores:               240
Concurrent Copy and Execution: Yes
Total Constant Memory:         65536
Total Shared Memory per Block: 16384
Registers per Block:           16384
Warp Size:                     32
Maximum Threads per Block:     512
Maximum Block Dimensions:      512, 512, 64
Maximum Grid Dimensions:       65535 x 65535 x 1
Maximum Memory Pitch:          2147483647B
Texture Alignment:             256B
Clock Rate:                    1404 MHz
Execution Timeout:             Yes
Integrated Device:             No
Can Map Host Memory:           Yes
Compute Mode:                  default
Concurrent Kernels:            No
ECC Enabled:                   No
Memory Clock Rate:             1134 MHz
Memory Bus Width:              448 bits
Max Threads Per SMP:           1024
Async Engines:                 1
Unified Addressing:            No
Managed Memory:                No

We no longer support compute capability 1.3 in PGI 15.x. You can use this card with PGI 14.10 and CUDA 6.5.

Thank you for your, almost instant, response!