CuSolver documentation

I would like to know where I can find the cuSolver library documentation like cuSparse(
I would like to know whether cuSolver contains sparse linear iterative solver for Ax=b and precoditioners?

I need sparse linear solver for Ax=b where A is a general sparse matrix and preconditioners such as ilu.
I have tried CUSP, but the performance is not good. Currently, I am trying Magma, but their sparse-iter module at the moment is not supported in windows.

Thank you very much!

Caveat: I have not used this library. That sais, have you checked the CUDA 7.0 release candidate?
The cuSOLVER library is freely available as part of the CUDA 7 RC which currently is available exclusively to CUDA Registered Developers.

If you are not a registered CUDA developer yet, sign-up is straightforward and approval typically occurs within one business day.

Once CUDA 7 goes to full production release status, then the cuSolver documentation will be publicly available on the web just like cuSparse docs. ( As njuffa said, until then, you must get the pdf or html doc from the CUDA 7 RC toolkit.

Thanks very much for help!