cusparseDcsrsv_solve returns CUSPARSE_STATUS_MAPPING_ERROR BiCG


I’m trying to implement the BiCG as the paper “Incomplete-LU and Cholesky Preconditioned Iterative Methods Using CUSPARSE and CUBLAS” demostrates.

I get the Incomplete LU Factorization by MKL’s dcsrilu0, and then manually extract the LU two parts, let the diagonal of the L as 1, the diagnoal of the U as the result, so that the L*U ~ A, am I right about this step to produce the L and U ?

Once I have the L and U and analysed them by API cusparseDcsrsv_analysis both, then I have to call cusparseDcsrsv_solve, but this function returns strange CUSPARSE_STATUS_MAPPING_ERROR, is anybody could help me ? Thanks !

Wrong transpose operation, runs almost okay now.