Custom PxHeightField [physx 3.2.4 pc]

I am using the physx 3.2.4 pc sdk and because my terrain topology nor height information is stored in the format supported by the sdk I am looking for a way provide my own class. I have no problem inheriting from the classes and provide my own implementation where needed.

However I’ve observed that the simulation does not make any calls to the implementation class, even though CreateShape seems perfectly fine accepting it. I tried reading as much of the exposed source code from geomutils, however it’s a bit difficult without background information.

Could anybody give me a explanation or preferable a sample of how such extension could work if such a thing is supported at all?


That is not supported, deriving from the PhysX classes will not have the effect you desire. The public API classes are interface classes, all the real work goes on in code hidden behind those interfaces.