Customize Deepstream Kafka Schema

I am trying to customize the deepstream minimal schemal by changing the fields available :-

// Target Schema
“frame_img_src”: “path/to/frame”,
“object_imgs_src”: [“path/to/img1”, “path/to/img2”, “path/to/img3”],
“video_src”: false or “path/to/video”

// DS Minimal
“version”: “4.0”,
“id”: “frame-id”,
@timestamp”: “2018-04-11T04:59:59.828Z”,
“sensorId”: “sensor-id”,
“objects”: [
“957|1834|150|1918|215|Vehicle|#|sedan|Bugatti|M|blue|CA 444|California|0.8”,

I tried to edit deepstream_schema/eventmsg_payload.cpp
by adding
json_object_set_boolean_member(jobject, “video_src”, events[0].metadata->videoSrc);

and also adding this field
gboolean videoSrc; in NvDsEventMsgMeta
in /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-6.1/sources/includes/nvdsmeta_schema.h

Is editing the default schema supported this way or what do i need to recompile?

You can refer to the link below:
NvMsgConv low level library API’s & Schema Customization

Yes, I am following these docs for reference, so far I edited sources/libs/nvmsgconv/deepstream_schema/eventmsg_payload.cpp and built a custom deepstream python app similar to the one here
I want to know if editing the fields inside the payload is possible by modifying sources/libs/nvmsgconv/deepstream_schema/eventmsg_payload.cpp and recompiling the gstnvmsgconv or what do I need to edit

Yes. After the code changes, a new library file needs to be And move it to the /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream/lib path.

Yes, I ran make, then make install and it works now,
Thank you very much.

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