Customize loggers to view individual reward parameter

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Summary: I have been trying to tune the reward function (both parameters and scales) for better training results. My training is a legged robot based on the Anymal Terrain example. I am wondering if there is a way to log and visualize individual rewards on each parameter throughout the epochs. So far I can only see mean reward using tensorboard or WandB. Original And it doesn’t tell me how the reward scale is changing the model. Is there a good place to start editing? In addition, can I save simulation values like velocity, force, etc. for the agents?

Attempt so far: I have located that the training data, i.e. loss, mean reward, and time, are logged in amp_contineous. Can I just define an extra function to save individual reward terms that are used to calculate the mean reward? Do I have to edit anything else?

I have been really new to RL and IsaacGym, and I am asking this question because it seems like a reasonable way by identifying individual terms in the reward function in order to create useable reward functions. I would really appreciate it if you could also share how to scientifically tune rewards if this is not the way to go.

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It’s not Isaacgym related, but you can checkout the issues of rl-games: Issues · Denys88/rl_games · GitHub
The issue might be related: Logging in environments · Issue #105 · Denys88/rl_games · GitHub

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Hi @lyichen

I encourage you to try the skrl library…
There you will find an easy way to record and visualize the metrics you want…

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