Customize the preprocess plugin of nvinferserver

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**• Hardware Platform (GPU) T4
**• DeepStream Version 6.1.1 triton container
**• Issue Type( questions)
Nvinferserver guide manual deatails : The Gst-nvinferserver Plugin’s default preprocessing cannot be disabled. Color conversion, datatype conversion, input scaling and object cropping are continue working in nvds_infer_server natively. The Gst-nvinferserver plugin can support Triton ensemble models for further custom preprocessing, backend and postprocessing through Triton custom-backends.
My questions Details : DS’s built-in preprocess plugin doesn’t match the preprocess of yolov5-6.0 such as padding method. The different preprocess method cause output of DS’s triton-grpc different from the out of origin mode code.
My questions : Can I customize the preprocess plugin ? How to do it ? I read the official documentation but still don’t understand,help please

currently the latest deepstream6.1.1 dose not support nvpreprocess + nvinferserver, only nvpreprocess + nvinfer. please refer to Gst-nvinferserver — DeepStream 6.1.1 Release documentation. you can find symmetric_padding in this link.

Thanks for your reply. Will nvinferserver source code be opened later? when ?

Can I change the padding value ? such as 114 instead of the default value 0

  1. about open source nvinfserver, could you share your requirement?
  2. currently, nvinferserver dose not support changing padding value, what is your use case about changing padding value?

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
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