[CustomKernel] The Grinch 21.2.1 for Jetson TK1 / not developed

Jetson TK1 “The Grinch” Custom Kernel 21.2.1 (13 December 2014)

  • Based on NVIDIA Kernel 3.10.40 kernel
  • Added Cryptoloop support
  • Added Device mapper support for crypt, snapshot, mirror, thin provisioning, zero, multipath, i/o delaying, flakey target targets
  • Added RAM block device support with XIP filesystems
  • Added support for MISC binaries
  • Added Bluetooth subsystem support (USB Devices)
  • Added Parallel port support
  • Added IrDA subsystem support
  • Added IEEE 1394 (FireWire) support
  • Added Wireless LAN modules for Marvel, Atheros, Intel, Ralink, Realtek, Broadcom devices
  • Added 802.1d Ethernet Bridging support
  • Added QoS fair queueing support
  • Added lots filters support for Netfilter
  • Added Quota support
  • Added AutoFS support
  • Added ReiserFS, SquashFS 4.0, UFS, LogFS
  • Added native exFat and VFat support
  • Added Apple Macintosh & Extended HFS file system support
  • Added ISO 9660 CDROM and UDF file system support
  • Added CIFS statistics, CIFS extended attributes, DFS feature support. SMB2 network file system support
  • Added Provide swap over NFS support
  • Added /dev/hidraw & /dev/hiddev device support
  • Added X-Box gamepad driver: rumble & led support
  • Added Kinect and Playstation Eye drivers
  • Added USB Printers support
  • Added various USB Serial Converter modules
  • Added support for TEGRA AES hw engine
  • Added AES cipher algorithms (ARM-asm)
  • Added XTS support
  • Added Tegra CEC support
  • Battery level reporting for HID devices
  • Disabled default USB autosuspend
  • Increase DMA_COHERENT_POOL_SIZE from 256k to 1M
  • Moved lots kernel options to modules
  • Suppor for lxc: namespaces, MAC-VLAN, 802.1Q/802.1ad VLAN, Virtual ethernet pair device

1) Install L4T 21.2

Note: This steps must be performed on the host computer. If you have already installed L4T 21.2, you can skip this points.

wget http://developer.download.nvidia.com/mobile/tegra/l4t/r21.2.0/pm375_release_armhf/Tegra124_Linux_R21.2.0_armhf.tbz2
wget http://developer.download.nvidia.com/mobile/tegra/l4t/r21.2.0/pm375_release_armhf/Tegra_Linux_Sample-Root-Filesystem_R21.2.0_armhf.tbz2

Extract files:

tar -xvf Tegra124_Linux_R21.2.0_armhf.tbz2
cd Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs
sudo tar xpf ../../Tegra_Linux_Sample-Root-Filesystem_R21.2.0_armhf.tbz2

Apply binaries:

cd ..
sudo ./apply_binaries.sh

Flash Jetson TK1:

sudo ./flash.sh jetson-tk1 mmcblk0p1

2) Login to Jetson TK1


21.2 LT4 has big problems with RTL8169 driver at speeds 1000Mbps. For now, the solution is to set the speed to 100mbps. Add to etc/rc.local

ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full autoneg off

Reboot. Check setting by ethtool tool

ethtool eth0
Settings for eth0:
[b]        Speed: 100Mb/s
        Duplex: Full[/b]

3) Download Grinch Kernel

wget http://www.jarzebski.pl/files/jetsontk1/grinch-21.2.1/zImage
wget http://www.jarzebski.pl/files/jetsontk1/grinch-21.2.1/jetson-tk1-grinch-21.2.1-modules.tar.bz2
wget http://www.jarzebski.pl/files/jetsontk1/grinch-21.2.1/jetson-tk1-grinch-21.2.1-firmware.tar.bz2

4) Check MD5 sums

md5sum zImage 
41aa767cd46e1b3774833cfb22870df9  zImage
md5sum jetson-tk1-grinch-21.2.1-modules.tar.bz2 
984abc04f2b731c70bdcbd8db0b49abb  jetson-tk1-grinch-21.2.1-modules.tar.bz2
md5sum jetson-tk1-grinch-21.2.1-firmware.tar.bz2
33e535ed970aa2343ead74ad757d9618  jetson-tk1-grinch-21.2.1-firmware.tar.bz2

5) Update kernel

sudo tar -C /lib/modules -vxjf jetson-tk1-grinch-21.2.1-modules.tar.bz2
sudo tar -C /lib -vxjf jetson-tk1-grinch-21.2.1-firmware.tar.bz2
sudo cp zImage /boot/zImage

6) Reboot

7) Known issues

  • PWM output currently not working

If you like my work, you can donate me on paypal: paypal@jarzebski.pl

Thanks to: Peter Bauer, David Cofer, Dustin Franklin, Todd Stellanova

Did the ALSA midi sequencer and/or loopback device make it into this kernel?

Yes it have :)


Thank you :-)
Did you enable binfmt_misc again ?
Is there a chance to enable SATA 3.1 transmission rate (should be 6 GBit per second) ?

No problem :) Yes, binfmt_misc is included. About SATA 3.1 i’m not trying it yet.

Very nice!

Wow I was just about to report the ALSA issue and then I saw this update. thank you!

Anybody else having problem with their board using R21.2? The ethernet keeps dying on me. Happened three times during the initial “apt-get upgrade” after flashing. Then again while trying to wget the Grinch packages.

I re-flashed back to R21.1 and had no issues. Trying again now to get to R21.2 and it’s happening again.

Known issue of this Realtek driver. See release notes. Short workaround is mii-tool to go to 100 Mb/s.



Is the 21.1 version problem does not occur? I follow the changes in the kernel between 21.1 and 21.2 and there are no changes in the realtek driver and the network stack.

Everything works good for me including the e-con camera (USB 3.0). However, it keeps on crashing quite often.


I never experienced and issues with the Ethernet using 21.1.

21.2 gave me massive problems.

It could just be coincidence, but that would be pretty strange.

Would you be able to check the daily kernel compilation? It seems to me that solved the problem

Do I just have to grab and install the latest http://www.jarzebski.pl/files/jetsontk1/grinch-21.2.1/zImage ?

compiles now :) eta 15min :)

shame that I only have one :) probably never will use as a household appliance. But such a life :)

No rush. I won’t be able to try until very late tonight, or possible tomorrow.

OK. I will PM with link :)

btw. u-boot i great for recompile kernel and testing. And I did not want to listen to before linuxdev :) I’m stupid!

Well… the problem still exists. But…

I checked all the possibilities. The problem with rtl not present in version 21.1 - only 21.2. I compared the kernel configuration files for both versions. There are virtually no difference - added only a few options for iwlwifi. Also exclude the kernel configuration. Firmware also remained unchanged.

At the end I compared the changes in the kernel between 21.1 and 21.2 - there is no change in the network stack and Realtek driver. So it is not a driver issue. The only suspects are the changes made to the kernel.

Analyze just what has changed in the kernel sources: http://www.jarzebski.pl/211to212.diff